Somedays I just seem to be going around in circles .

Today, I came across the phrase: “You can take a man out of India but not India out of the man”

This particular sentence construction is becoming repetitive to the point of pissing me off. A quick Google threw up, in place of the Indian man and India the country, phrases using England-Englishman/ Scotland-Scotsman/ Wales -Welshman(woman) : a pc version! / Ireland-Irish/China-Chinaman/America-American as well as lines like “You can take a man out of prison but not the prsion out of the man“.

I recall in the movie ‘Herbie-Fully Loaded’ – Matt Dillon as the villain says “You can take the car out of the junk yard but not the junk yard out of the car

The permutations are endless but ultimately what may have started as a witty or perceptive observation has now become an irritating cliché.

One witty blogger at least took a more wordly satirical angle with the line : “You can take the man out of the blog but….“, leaving the reader to make the obvious conclusion.

Like I said, today has been one of those days and these phrases with their circular and ultimately meaningless syntax seem to reflect my mood pretty well.