For the Vatican City the season of goodwill clearly does not extend to the Gay community.

Homosexuals are ,according to Pope Benedict (aka  ‘the rat’),  “a deviation. an irregularity and a wound” .  Apparently it’s OK if they are celibate i.e. if they follow the holy catholic priesthood in denying sexually fulfilling loving relationships.   Presumably they are meant to redirect their desire into worship.

Bizarrely, he regards practising gays as a threat to the stability of the planet akin to the destruction of the rain forests.  Quite apart from the fact that equating issues of sexuality with those of environmentalism defies logic, the Catholic church is also guilty of inciting a fresh wave of homophobia at a time when the need for tolerance and understanding is more important than ever.

I always pray (I’m not sure to whom!) that such reactionary bullshit will turn more people away from Catholicism and other brands of  religious fanaticism but I realise that this is a faint hope. In these troubled times people are desperately seeking  scapegoats and bigots like Ratzinger are more than happy to provide them.

Personally, I’m counting on deviancy and irregularily triumphing in 2009

Photo (The Priest, 2005) by Sarah Saudek