I don’t really see the point of the Rolling Stones’  ‘Shine A Light’.  Employing the prestigious talents of Martin Scorsese you would expect something more than just a slickly produced concert movie . But that is essentially all you get. There a few snippets of old interviews but these seem like an afterthought rather than integral to the movie and provide little insight into what has kept the band going all thse decades.

Maybe Jagger & co just wanted a document to show how old wild men can still rock.  While they are dinosaurs,  there’s no denying they are in good shape.  Whippet thin Jagger has amazing energy but this isn’t enough to make the band anything more than well preserved show band. A big handicap is that  they have not made a record worthy of rock greats since 1973’s Goats Head Soup.  From then on they have been largely going through the motions milking their brand name for all it’s worth.

In ‘Shine A Light’ they are endorsed by ex-president Clinton and they are about as counter cultural as Coldplay. On my copy the bleeping out of a mother******  is indicative of the compromises they are prepared to make to sell their product to the global audience.

46 years after they formed the money they paid Scorsese would have been better spent on a career restrospective like his exemplary doucument of the first half of Bob Dylan’s life in music – No Direction Home. There is surely footage in the vaults that could have been used ; for instance, how about  this priceless piece with Keith Richards in junkie mode on  the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1974: