Just seen and liked John Carney’s  movie ‘Once’  whose plaudits include Steven Spielberg and Nanni Moretti despite being shot on a shoestring budget of under £100,000 with a working script that ran to just 60 pages.

If this had been a Hollywood production the guy and the girl would have fallen into each others arms at the end  in the middle of a heavy rainstorm or surrounded by a group of applauding strangers.  Instead the relationship between the busking Irishman and the Czech woman remains a brief  platonic encounter.

He plays songs and fixes vacuum cleaners. She likes his music and has a broken vacuum cleaner. A friendship is formed and they make music together. This deliberately uncomplicated story works because it is told with honesty, warmth and wit.

The fact that  Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova won the Oscar for best song (‘Falling Softly’) is the icing on the cake. The award presentation was a genuinely feel good moment, all the more so as Hansard admits he felt like “a plumber at a flower show” in front of all these celebrities.

Watch for yourself and I dare you not to be moved: