I first saw Federico Fellino’s 1963 movie 8½ (otto e mezzo) in London many moons ago but hardly remember it at all.

Watching it again now, the 60s swingingness makes it a bit dated but it still has a style and elegance enhanced by a  lovingly restored DVD version.

The most memorable scene is that of La Saraghina’s rumba to Nino Rota’s music .

The buxom Saraghina (which means ‘sardine’ in Romagnolo dialect) was played by Eddra Gale (b.1921 – d.2001) . She  was originally an opera singer.  Fellini discovered her in Milan, cast her as a prostitute and she was practically never heard of again.

This wonderfully  frenzied, sand kicking, eye rolling scene is how she will always be remembered and it is amazing to behold :