I admire the bravery and cool headedness of this cameraman challenging a police officer during the recent G20 protests in London. The officer refuses to give his ID number just repeating (about 10 times) that he’s from Bishopsgate Police Station.   Based on other videos shot on the day the cameraman was lucky not be beaten up.

The new chief inspector of constabulary , Denis O’Connor,  has told MPs that it is “utterly unacceptable” for police to disguise their identifying numbers while policing demonstrations but it remains to be seen whether they do anything to change this abuse.

As the  videomaker says: “You may as well wear a balaclava and come in and beat the shit out of us again”

The Guardian on-line newspaper is doing a valuable public service in collating the videos they have received from protesters and people accidentally caught up in the events – these are arranged on a user friendly location map indicating where the videos were filmed.  Without such evidence the police violence and lies would never have been exposed so starkly.

Dixon of Dock Green where are you when we need you?