0mmFollowing up on the Lester Bangs appreciation from yesterday, I came across a link to an hilarious list of the 10 most ridiculous records of the 1970s.

I was shocked to find that I have one of these (Wind Harp – Songs From The Hill) on my PC – a recording of a gigantic harp erected on a hill of some Californian hippy commune.

This is a strange record  but also fascinating in that most ambient field recordings of this type are supposed to be more relaxing which this most certainly isn’t.

I think he’s a bit harsh about this selection but I have no complaints about the other nine choices. I was especially interested in the 1971 MGM release – The Best of Marcel Marceau (or Marceao as it’s spelt on the sleeve).

This had to be a scam and a little internet research revealed that it was intended as a joke along the lines of book titles like ‘The Wit & Wisdom of George W. Bush’.

The MM album (catalogue number SE 4745 if you’re interested) was apparently a special disc jockey record—not for sale.

The misspelling of Marceau’s name was probably deliberate to prevent a backlash from the master of mime himself .

The record contains almost forty minutes of silence followed by applause; track listing on each side of the LP reads: “1. Silence—19:00. 2. Applause—1:00.” .

Eat your heart out John Cage!