Portland Oregon based singer songwriter Marco Mahler  has a great new album out on June 29th 2010 entitled Laptop Campfire Speed.

You can read my glowing review of it on Whisperin’ & Hollerin’ here.

Marco has kindly offered three free downloads from the album to be posted. These are the tracks I have chosen:

James Alley Blues

The masterstroke of this record is a brilliant cover version of Richard ‘Rabbit’ Brown’s  double-edged love song dates from 1927 which featured on Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music and here takes on a highly contemporary and kindlier resonance.

Cell Phone Antenna Trophy

The quirky album title comes from a line in this song : “you stare at your laptop like it’s a campfire”.  Marco’s lyrics betray hints of a scepticism towards what poetically dubs the “entertainment transport machines”, but should not be construed as misanthropic or technophobic. The campfire is, after all, quite a comforting image – we gather around it for warmth, company and communication.

Jump This Fan

A kind of wayward nursery rhyme which opens with the line “nip nap where’s the bubble at” and, on first hearing at least , appears to be taking pleasure in its own absurdity. But there is method in this apparent madness. Marco says “The whole bubble idea came from the economic bubbles that we keep going through and then I thought about how we all have our own personal bubbles that we keep creating then popping”.