This is third time Jónsi has performed at this stunning open air space in the centre of Ferrara alongside the beautiful 14th century Castello Estense. The previous two occasions he was with Sigur Ros and I kick myself for not being present at either.

The focus of the show is his joyous new solo album Go which is a logical progression of the pop direction of Sigur Rós’ 2008 album : Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust . The songs are shorter and in English. It is has its quiet, transcendental moments  but live, as on record, it’s the upbeat tunes like Go Do and Boy Lilikoi that have the greatest impact.

The concert began quietly with Jónsi alone on acoustic guitar and ended with a quite breathtaking full band treatment of Grow Till Tall which is one of the most stunning climaxes to a concert I have ever witnessed.

The lyrics to this song are almost child-like in their simplicity (You’ll know, when’s time to go on / You’ll really want to grow and grow till tall /They all, in the end, will fall) and as the track builds becomes just one repeated phrase (You’ll know) with the crescendo coinciding magnificently with stunning visuals of a violent  storm with a raging wind and torrential rain. Jónsi dressed in red Indian headdress and a coat of many colours roams the stage as though struggling to survive this tempest.   This video shot in London gives a pretty decent approximation of the experience but it has to seen live for the full impact: