I am a big fan of Rob St John’s solo eps as my ten star reviews on Whisperin’ & Hollerin’ of  Tipping In and Like Alchemy will tell you.

After too long a silence it’s good to hear his voice again on a collaboration with a group of UK musicians who go by the auspicious name of Braindead Collective.

They have a name your price Christmas single called Whites Of Our Eyes which you can buy over at Bandcamp. Very nice it is too although don’t expect to find any festive merriment in this 7 minute long drone-based work.

At times it sounds like a world weary take on The House of the Rising Sun.

The downbeat mood reflects the fact that the improvised recording was made on “the coldest day of a freezing British winter” in Oxford’s oldest church,  St.Michael’s on Cornmarket St.

The spirit of the season is present, however, by virtue of the fact that all proceeds go to the worthy cause of the housing and homelessness charity Shelter.

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