Snogging Uma Thurman is obviously an obsessively enjoyable pastime  but David Hare’s theatre piece turned TV drama My Zinc Bed has other cravings in mind.

Alcohol dependency is the main one, with an addictive need to wield power and control coming a close second.

The two Brits who get to snog Uma (Elsa)  are Jonathan Pryce (Victor) and Paddy Considine (Paul).

Pryce  is legally entitled, being her husband while Paddy is a poet on the make.

The journey from stage to screen is never an easy one, especially when the cast is small and the focus is on ideas rather than action. Dialogues and situations that audiences are more inclined to accept in the theatre often look and sound implausible on film. This is the downfall of this drama.

The title refers to a zinc-lined coffin so you know straightaway that a feel good ending is not on the cards.

It’s quite a turgid and humourless piece on the whole although it does contain food for thought on the nature of obsession. as when Victor  argues that if you cure yourself of addiction , an unwanted side effect is that you cure yourself of desire.