A head full of words

This is Animal My Soul’s 500th published post and I still haven’t saved the world so I’m setting more sights on more modest aims and have decided to do my bit for saving a word instead.

For this, all I needed to do was sign up for the Oxford English Dictionary (OED)  save the words scheme and choose a word to adopt. This initiative aims to keep alive  words that are disappearing from their dictionary to make way for new words such as staycation or vuvuzela .

As my 499 blogs so far will prove, I am a man who usually has squiriferous manners but am occasionally inclined to be more sevidical.

In the old OED you would know that this means I am a gentlemanly type who sometimes uses cruel or harsh words. In a new dictionary, you wouldn’t find the key words squiriferous and sevidical so would  just think I was talking bollocks!

So, the word I have adopted and pledged to save is blateration.

I haven’t ordered a T-short yet but to start off on the right note, the AMS tagline now reads “Tell the truth and feel free.  Post a day reflections, rants and random blateration on music, books, art and the meaning of life”.

And what does blateration mean?

I’m glad you asked!

It means blabber or chatter.

BTW – One point the site does not mention is that the print edition of the Oxford English Dictionary  is expected to finish sometime around 2018 and thereafter will only be available electronically. Presumably, this means that space will no longer be an issue so ALL words will be saved, including mine!   Yippee!!  NEXT STOP, THE PLANET!!!