- Liars are the second-lowest form of human being on the planet.
- What's the first?
- Lawyers.
From Steven Soderbergh's 'Sex, Lies and Videotape' (1989)

Being a compulsive liar  is what makes Berlusconi such a political survivor.

He continues to deny ALL the charges against him in the Rubygate scandal no matter how compelling the evidence.

The presence of under age prostitutes at Berlusconi’s  ‘bunga bunga’ parties is beyond dispute and  it beggars belief that he gave money to these women as gifts without getting sexual favours in return.

Yet he continues to deny ALL the accusations and even refuses to admit that he has ever paid for sex.

To protect himself  from what he maintains is a biased legal system, he is seeking to change the law so that those in public office can never be prosecuted .

Far be it from me to run to the defence of lawyers and judges,  but it now seems that  the slender hope that this latest scandal will finally bring down Berlusconi rests on proof that the cynical view expressed in Soderbergh’s movie is not universally true and that the sign in all the Italian courts means what it says :La legge è uguale per tutti (‘The Law is the same for everyone’).