Pleased that my Animal Soul Group on Last.Fm, which I created on 2nd January 2011, has, to date, a grand total of 88 members.

Thanks to  those who have joined! I love you all!!

What I like about these groups is seeing, and playing, the weekly charts.

The way that overall charts work (edited from the last f.m FAQ section) is that every “1” will represent a group member. For example, say there are 3 people in a group who listened to a certain artist in a given week, it’ll say “3” in the charts .

The first overall chart for the AMS group is quite a solid, conservative list headed by Sonic Youth. The only surprise for me was The Knife at number 3 , an electronic duo from Stockholm, Sweden who I never really rated that much.

The ‘unique to this group’ charts are usually much more interesting.

These show what is special about the member’s listening habits in comparison to what other users on listen to (considering the average listener’s behaviour);  for example if the members of a group listen to artist A much more often than others do, artist A will be more unique to their group as this will be special to their listening habits, compared to everyone else’s; if they listen to Artist B, but everyone else also listens to artist B a lot, then this will be less special and artist B will be less unique to their group.

The unique chart  is the place to make fresh discoveries. I’m glad to see that this shows a solid showing for New Weird America artists.

From this week’s ‘unique’ list the name of Modern Witch is the one name I don’t recognise and, given my compulsive nature, means I must check them out.

According to the discoworkout blog , they are from Amsterdam & Colorado and  “are making some break-down-your-boredom shit“.

Duly noted!