A quickie post to give a link to a link to a blog from southwest Virgina  I stumbled upon yesterday called A Truer Sound .

The name that made me sit up and take notice was Richard Buckner who has made some classic, and seriously undervalued, alt.country albums .

His top three releases, IMHO, are:
Devotion And Doubt (1997)
Bloomed (1994)
The Hill (2000)

The latter was one of my first reviews for Whisperin’ and Hollerin’  which, if you’re interested,  you can read here.

The mp3s for download are live tracks from 1996 and, from the couple of tracks I’ve heard so far, they are good quality recordings.

Whoever put this package together has approached the task with love and dedication. The zip file comes complete with specially designed cover art.

Strongly recommended for fans of heartfelt twang.

On the same blog, there’s also a mixtape of the author’s favourite tracks of 2010 which are also well worth downloading.