As a Brit abroad, one of tastes I miss most is Marmite – I’m a lover not a hater.

I haven’t found anywhere to buy it near where I live so anyone who visits me here in Italy has to buy a jar in lieu of rent.

Every time I go back to England I stock up (the last time I discovered that at Stansted airport they even sell small jars in the newsagents in the duty-free shop area – something that even surprised the shop assistant).

I can therefore only imagine the trauma of ex-pats who live in Denmark after it was announced that Marmite is now an illegal substance on the grounds that it contains too many vitamins.

Checking this story online  at CNN, The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail, one curiosity is that the wording of the story, and the people quoted, is practically identical. This means that they are all working from the same press release and none of these papers has bothered to get a reporter on the ground to cover this emergency. This is shameless negligence that all smacks of a conspiracy.

Someone suggested that some form of civil disobedience is called for. What form this would take is unclear. Maybe protesters could stage a march with Marmite spread on their faces like war paint; what about making stink bombs with the distinctive aroma of the yeast spread and throwing them into supermarkets or government buildings, other countries could support the Danes by banning the import of Lego or Carlsberg.

Something has to be done, that’s for sure  – today it’s the Danes, who’s going to suffer next?

A Marmite Eaters Against Denmark (M.E.A.D) group is needed NOW and while we’re about it The Love Party in the UK needs your support as this ad explains:

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