Settimio Benedusi is a successful Italian fashion photographer.

He believes in demystifying the art of photography and says his preferred method of working is to take shots as an amateur might (no fancy effects or false lighting).

Not being familiar with the world he moves in, his was not a name I had come across until I saw him at the Savignano Immagini Festival yesterday.

This is where this photograph was taken. It shows Benedusi on a stand alongside a placard which reads PARLO CON CHIUNQUE DI QUALSIASI COSA (I’ll speak to anyone about anything).

Behind him is an impressive and slightly scary looking bodyguard, who was probably there to make the photos look interesting rather than for any protective purposes. The woman talking to Benedusi was chatting for at least an hour so if anyone was desperate to take advantage of the photographer’s offer they had a long wait.

I suspect that Benedusi is a bit of a poseur but you have to give him credit for presenting himself in public like this. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he is trying to bring art and ideas to the people.