Anger, like love, is an energy but for a truly revolutionary movement to succeed there is also a need for focus and discipline.

The fact that the Occupy Wall Street movement is intent on maintaining a non-violent protest is a positive thing but, as the initiative for change takes on a more global perspective with the so-called indignants or ‘indignanti’ it is hard to see this fragile peace being maintained for long.

The violence on the streets of Rome today raise memories of the Anti-Globalization protest in Genoa ten years ago which resulted in the  death of Carlo Giuliani.

My fear is that any legitimate aims get hi-jacked by groups intent on violent confrontation which will be as politically progressive as the recent rioting and looting in the UK.

I would like to stress here that my sympathies lie with the protesters and I am as sick and tired of the failure of capitalism as they are.

It is not hard to find issues and individuals to be AGAINST; the challenge is to find a common set of achievable short-term goals that people are FOR.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but at present, there  is NO official list of demands. One unofficial list has been circulated and statements from groups United for Global Change just say vague things like “let the people, not the bankers or politicians, decide their future”.  Adbusters editor-in-chief Kalle Lasn said: “We need to shake up the corporate-driven capitalist system were in. To do that, we need something radical.”  and a manifesto to “end the monied corruption of America”.

Demands for a Robin Hood Tax or the restoration on US reforms like Glass–Steagall Act  both seem to me to be practical and realizable aims to make financial institutions more accountable to ordinary citizens.  They would at least be steps in the right direction.

If the protests get out of control, the only result will be that the authorities will impose more draconian laws in the name of public order.

One more cynical protester in Brooklyn summed up my feelings on this subject when he said “We’re probably fucked whatever we do  but we’ve got to do something”.