TV sucks and I do my level best not to watch too much.At the same time, living in Italy, I have been frequently frustrated by not being able to watch British television which may not be perfect but at least has some wheat amongst the chaff.

I’m delighted therefore that I have finally figured out how to crack the UK i-players . The unpromisingly named Hide Your Ass  enables me to  virtually reside in the UK so I catch a number of shows I’ve only been able to read able or see short clips of on You Tube.

Today I had my first taste of the Channel 4 comedy Fresh Meat which I enjoyed and was also just in time to see the excellent one hour documentary about the great Neil Young appropriately titled ‘Don’t Be Denied’. This featured some great anecdotes and well chosen clips. I particularly loved Neil’s  description of Charles Manson as a “song spewer” rather than a song writer.

I hadn’t previously seen the footage of Buffalo Springfield performing on American TV (see below) or Shadey + Crazy Horse during his Rust Never Sleeps period. Young has managed the a rare feat of staying true to his music for five decades by being stubborn and often brutal in his pursuit of an authentic sound – “people are secondary” he says and hates the idea of repeating himself just to please the masses (“How many sensitive songs can you write?” he asks rhetorically).

Steven Stills describes Young as “wilfully erratic” but , as this short documentary shows, this is a quality which has helped him to keeps things real. Long may he run.