High heels on a beach – not a good look!

Yesterday I saw two women wearing fur coats in a vegetarian restaurant – the classic brain-dead rich bitches for whom fashion and ethics are poles apart. The incongruous, not to say ignorant, dress made me think of other examples of inappropriate clothing and accessories. Here’s the list I came up with:

  • hot pants at a high mass.
  • a mini skirt at a nunnery.
  • a dog collar at a porn club.
  • a raincoat in the Sahara.
  • high heels on a beach.
  • a summer dress in Antarctica.
  • a dinner jacket at McDonald’s.
  • a nightdress in a day school.
  • jeans at a pyjama party.
  • overalls in a solarium.
  • a balaclava at a brothel.
  • a bullet proof vest at a peace rally.
  • a ‘fuck the police’ T-shirt in a court room.
  • a crash helmet on an airplane.