The drum and organ duo Cannibal Movie, from Southern Italy take their name from a series of deliberately bad taste Italian movies from the 1970s and 1980s.

Their creepy music would easily serve as an alternative soundtrack to these low budget cult works, a fact emphasised by the surreal and often gory images projected as they play.

For, make no mistake, here we are talking un-restored video nasties rather than digitally enhanced technicolor with the emphasis is on the impurities and rough around the edges quality of  analogue.

Donato Epiro has patriotically resurrected an old ‘Made in Italy’ organ and plugged in some gadgets for extra effects which may or may not prolong its fragile existence. Since this instrument was not designed for being on the road or for being pounded within an inch of its life during a one hour show, I wouldn’t like to bet on it surviving the duo’s first tour.

Donato favours this ungainly instrument precisely because it gives the spooked sound of the past rather than the precision of the present. He elicits squawks and squeals while Gaspere Lemming’s metronomic drumming adds to the sense of tribal menace . The high points come when the pair are in synchrony and whether this happens or not is far from being an exact science.

I enjoyed the sheer physicality of the performance and this aspect is one of the reasons that  prompted Donato to put on hold  his excellent solo work (see my blog interview for more about this).


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