You don’t have to be mad to be a superstar, but it helps.

Lady Gaga bares all , well almost, in her video to the single Marry The Night.

In the 14 minute video (which she directed herself)  you have to wait until  the 8:48 mark until the music itself  kicks in. The song will be a massive hit but that goes without saying. What’s more interesting is the way Lady G presents her vulnerability and psychological trauma as a vehicle for fame. It’s as if this is being presented as necessary to stardom rather than an unwanted by-product.

In the pretentious voiceover she refers to her past as “an unfinished painting” and declares “I loathe reality”. The first scenes show her in an asylum and telling a nurse (who calls her a “morphine princess”) that :   “I’m gonna make it …..I’m gonna be a star……because I have nothing left to lose”.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest morphs into Fame via Black Swan and Cronenberg’s Crash. After freaking out and overdosing on Cheerios she pulls herself together and reinvents herself (“I still had my Bedazzler”) – the dance sequence starts – cars are set alight and it’s business as usual except that  P-P-P -Poker becomes M-M-M-Marry.

“I’m a warrior queen ……..I’m a soldier to my own emptiness” she sings and I wouldn’t argue with either statement.

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