Part of an irregular series of bite-sized posts about 7″ singles I own – shameless nostalgia from the days of vinyl. (Search ‘Backtracking’ to collect the set!)

DAVID BOWIE – John, I’m Only Dancing b/w Hang On To Yourself (RCA, 1972).

This is the only Bowie single I own, probably because it’s one of the few tracks that didn’t appear on his albums (all of which I have).

There is some speculation that the ‘John’  of the title is Mr Lennon in response to jibes about cross-dressing which sounds a but unlikely to me.

By the time this record came out, it was widely known that , sexually, Bowie swung both ways and the song dispels any lingering doubts. “I’m only dancing” he tells his boyfriend but the fact that he  adds “She turns me on”  is hardly designed to be reassuring.

The openly ‘out’  bisexual message meant that the video directed by Mick Rock never got shown on Top Of The Pops and the single was not even released in the USA.

The B-side is from the Ziggy Stardust album and the video shows Bowie in full Ziggy mode with a hair style that many copied without looking as cool as he did. We see Lindsay Kemp’s mime troupe cavorting suggestively while the three man Spiders From Mars look less at ease in their Glam Rock gear.