I DID IT!!  I signed up for the WordPress Postaday challenge and with this post I have achieved this goal. Congratulations to me!

I originally signed up for the daily post prompts from WordPress but quickly found these more irritating than helpful. I didn’t like them because the assumption seemed to be that blog posts are always somewhere between personal diary entries, motivational messages and confessionals. This is not why I blog.

I disliked these for the same reason I don’t like the new sidebar setting me a new blogging target every time I make a post. I prefer to feel free to post what I want; to invent my own prompts and set my own goals.

I started Animal My Soul because writing makes me feel more whole and I welcome the chance to sound off in public on a range of topics. My opinions give plenty of information about my prejudices, fears and dreams and it feels good to archive these thoughts and feelings. I rarely have this opportunity in my daily life.

The number of  hits during the year has increased by an additional 2,000 from 2010 and I have been encouraged by the fact that 45 people are now following the blog – these numbers are very modest in the grand scheme of things but they are satisfying all the same.

Having to organise my thoughts has clarified, even intensified, my point of view on many issues. My lack of tolerance towards anything connected to organised religion, for example, has become much more pronounced. My threshold of tolerance for those who promote or hide behind delusional beliefs was never high to begin with but is now is practically at level zero.

The breakdown of 368 posts (three extras in January) are as follows:
Music  127
Books    41
Movies  79
TV  15
Teaching, language + blogging   21
Misc. – Politics/Religion/Theatre/Gender/Food etc   79
Obituaries –   6

I imagine that next year will see a rise in the number of TV reviews and one of my resolutions is to set aside more time for reading books (as opposed to online articles or other blogs).

Would I sign up for a post-a-day challenge again?- Well, by now the habit is established and a day doesn’t seem complete until I have made a post so I have no plans to let up in 2012.