I’ve just posted my review at Whisperin’ & Hollerin’ to the second album by Dare Dukes + The Blackstock Collection, Thugs & China Dolls which has been on repeat play for the past week.

This is one of those records which you hear once and think ‘This is quite nice’ and then on each subsequent hearing the adjective goes up a notch.

You could call it ‘a grower’ if you don’t mind sounding like a guest on Smashey and Nicey ‘s Fab FM.

The great Jim White produced one of the tracks embellished with cello, upright bass, piano and french horns but there’s also a nice ‘let’s keep things simple and unadorned’  acoustic version of the same tune, Simon Says, to be seen and heard on Vimeo to give a flavour of Dare’s natty way with words: