John Peel with a record by The Fall - one the bands that is bound to figure prominently in the 'virtual museum'.

Excited to hear that The John Peel Centre for Creative Arts in Stowmarket, Suffolk  have been  given exclusive access by the family to the record collection at Peel Acres which includes 25,000 LPs, 40,000 singles and many thousands of CDs.

Tom Barker, the centre’s director, describes the collection as “one of the most important archives in modern music history.”

With the help of funding and resources of  the Arts Council and the BBC, they have an ambitious plan for this unique collection to be transformed into a digital service known as The Space, enabling visitors to view John’s home studio.his personal notes, archive performances and filmed interviews with musicians.

John Peel’s wife Sheila Ravenscroft, affectionately known as ‘the pig’ because of the way she snorts when laughing, says : “This project is only the beginning of something very exciting”.

Sounds like something worth snorting about  to me.