According to The Guardian’s TV critic Sam Wollaston, the new E4 comedy sketch show Cardinal Burns is “bold, imaginative, original, and dead funny”. He must have been watching a different show to me.

I found it depressingly puerile – with Seb Cardinal & Dustin Demri-Burns going all out for the shock value of ‘adult humour’ and relying heavily on crude visual ‘gags’ without bothering to write any decent  punch lines or develop rounded characters.

Comedy is a personal taste of course and I’m sure there are many (like Wollaston) who laugh at a zombie eating a guy’s dick like it was a saveloy , or are amused by scene of the crime police officers spewing endlessly over a corpse and each other. It didn’t work for me at all.

About the only sketch with promise was to portray the secretive street artist Banksy as a boring suburban family man who gets his aerosol cans from Homebase. This is the only part of the dismal half hour I found even mildly amusing.

The only silver lining is that it can only get better.