Piazza Maggiore, Bologna

There was an announcement today that “due to the recent earthquakes in the area”, the venue for Radiohead’s show in Bologna on 3rd July has changed from the Piazza Maggiore in the city centre to Parco Nord in the suburbs.

The reaction to this news by ticket holders is a combination of disbelief and anger.

The threat of more earthquakes seems like a convenient excuse to avoid the major security + health & safety hazards associated with holding such a big show in a relatively small space.

As many have pointed out, forthcoming shows  in July by Bon Iver and Paul Weller in Ferrara, a city also affected by the quakes, have not been cancelled or relocated.

Also a large Gay Pride march in Bologna on 9th June went ahead as planned and open air film screenings on 23-30th June are still scheduled to take place in the same Piazza where the Radiohead gig was to have been held.

More tickets are now available for those wanting to see Thom Yorke & Co in a less scenic location which is better news for the concert promoters than for the fans.

I won’t be applying.