The Isle of Eigg (pronounced ‘egg’) in the Scottish Hebrides is not somewhere you’d expect to find a local thrash metal band.

It has a population of just 67 people and  is home to the Cormack brothers Ben and Joe who are one half of The Massacre Cave.

They have just released their debut EP called The Ninth Wave which I received for review at Whisperin’ & Hollerin’.

An interview with the brothers on Sorrow Eternal blog gives some very entertaining background info.

They say that the advantages of the island lifestyle are that there’s no problem of disturbing the neighbours, you can focus 100% on the music and you don’t have to worry about how you fit into the local scene.

The major disadvantage is that with just four boats a week from the mainland, rehearsals and gigging becomes a major challenge. Joe puts it concisely : “If one is cancelled, we’re fucked!”

The EP is a full on blast of speed metal and shouty singing so it’s surprising to hear them talk about folk influences alongside death metal faves. This video of the siblings in unplugged mode indicates that their not taking the mickey when they say this:


Cameron McNeish on Massacre Cave  – the location