I’m trying hard to get into the Olympics spirit as I’ll be travelling to London on 6th August to witness some of the effects on the city first hand.

I had hoped to see a number of live events but, like many applicants, I applied for many tickets without success.

A lot of people I know didn’t manage to get any tickets so I counted myself  fortunate to get some seats for  diving heats in the Aquatics Centre.  Better than nothing I decided philosophically.

Exceot that today I received an e-mail from London 2012 ticketing office which read as follows:

Our records show you have purchased tickets to Diving at London 2012. Since we sent your tickets to you, we completed our final checks of the venue and discovered the view from your seat/s is restricted slightly by the installation of speakers as well as the overhang from the roof of the Aquatics Centre.

You will still have a great experience so we encourage you to come along and see the world’s best divers in action. If after your session is complete you are not happy with the view you had from your seats, and would like to request a partial refund, please return all affected tickets “
What gives here? The installation of speakers to block my view must be a recent addition but the overhang from the roof is surely not new.
I am committed to going now so I won’t be seeking a full refund but I’m doubtful that I’ll be seeing much of the action. I’ve also been told to allow two hours to gain access to the Olympics Park due to all the security checks.
My fun day out suddenly doesn’t sound like it’ll so great after all. Maybe it’ll be alright on the night!!