baby rock

A new generation of rock?

Two bands who supported Sigur Rós at A Perfect Day Festival in Verona were prime examples of Rock and Roll as :

(a) an outmoded genre that survives only as a parody of itself.

(b) a vibrant musical force which still has the power to excite and inspire.

In the (a) corner were dEUS, a Belgian Indie band who were almost big in the 1990s and who are still plugging away trying to sound edgy by mixing in some rap and disco into the standard R’n’R formula.

On stage there is plenty of what The Fall’s Mark E Smith witheringly labelled as “false histrionics” and cries of “let’s do this”.

Lead singer, Tom Barman, has a raspy voice and an arrogant swagger while Mauro Pawlowski tried out some guitar heroics but it all looked very forced and dated.

Enter stage left in support of (b) The Mark Lanegan Band who didn’t bother too much with striking rock’n’roll poses but let the music speak for itself.

Lanegan was practically rooted to the spot for the hour-long set looking as though he didn’t give a shit whether the audience liked what he’s singing or not. But what a great voice and what a band!

This is the baby the blues gave birth to. The four track 4AD session video shows the quality of the material from the new album Blues Funeral