Did somebody say “homework”?

“And if your homework brings you down, then we’ll throw it on the fire and take the car downtown”.

Tiger Moms and Dads are unlikely to endorse this as an example of responsible parenting but I’ve always found David Bowie’s paternal promise in his song ‘Kooks’ very humane and appealing.

My 17-year-old daughter is currently suffering resit exams in science, law and maths. Her school is supposed to specialise in graphic design so it’s a bit like having to study cookery at an architecture college.

I suppose the argument is that school is designed to give a grounding in all topics as a solid foundation for all learning but I fully sympathise with her argument that none of these subjects have anything to do with her current interests or future ambitions.

If she fails (which looks very likely) she is resolved to seek gainful employment – no easy task with or without written qualifications given the economic climate in Italy.

My wife and I could insist on her staying on (and don’t think we haven’t tried!) but are coming to the conclusion that this would merely be prolonging the torture for all concerned and who’s to say the end result would be any better.

It’s probably better to take the car downtown and see what happens……………