Triangles are my favourite shapes

Alt-J’s triangular logo

I arrived at the venue too late to catch Alt-J‘s appearance at Verona for the A Perfect Day Festival last week but my daughter saw them and has been playing their stuff ever since. She’s got me hooked.

Theirs is a curious hybrid sound that sounds like a lot of vaguely familiar things but is also quite original.

The four man band met at Leeds University and, according to their Facebook profile, currently concoct what they call ‘folk-step’ from a basement flat somewhere in Cambridge.

My favourite track from their debut album (An Awesome Wave) is called Breezeblocks. On first hearing it seems like a fairly innocent song of clingy love but the images in the official video directed by Ellis Bahl will make you think again.

The opening lines are  “She may contain the urge to go away but hold her down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks”, and when you see these represented literally any notion that this is an innocent obession quickly fades. I find the reverse-action visuals quite disturbing which I’d guess is intentional. See what you think:

I see that the band are playing another show near me in Italy at the Bronson Club at the end of November – this time I plan to be present.