Clegg is Mr Sad

Nick Clegg pictured immediately before making his apology.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is on a hiding to nothing by opting to make a public apology over his party’s’ failure to keep tuition fees down.

He/they made a pledge before the election that he/they would vote against any such rises. He now says this was a promise he/they couldn’t keep. And he’s sorry….he’s so sorry.

“We learn from our mistakes“, he says. I hope  those who voted for the Lib-Dems expecting to see a change  in British politics have learnt from their mistake too.

A clever video has turned his speech into a song and is going viral. It makes for  a very catchy tune too.

Clegg may have screwed up politically but he could just have a hit record on his hands here! Maybe he could make an album and call it ‘Promises…promises”. He certainly will need to think about a new career pretty soon!