Bookseller Crow on the Hill

Bookseller Crow on the Hill (Photo credit: RachelH_)

At the moment, I still order most books  through Amazon but stories about why they are not the most ethical company prompt me to look elsewhere for a politically correct alternative.

This recently led me to the website of The Bookseller Crow On The Hill in Crystal Palace.

I visited this shop a couple of years back and was impressed as it’s the kind of small, friendly store that is rapidly fading into oblivion as online dealers get more powerful.

Even if you don’t shop there, I’d recommend the very entertaining blog written by the staff.

This sample post (‘There is a man’) from August 4th, 2012 made me laugh and merits reblogging here :

He is looking at our postcards.
And nodding his head.
He is wearing a pair of Bowers and Wilkins headphones.
How much are your postcards? he asks me.
Sixty five pence, I tell him.
Each! he says.
Each, I say.
He spends quite a long time looking through the cards, and then comes to the counter with eight.
How many do I have there? he asks.
Eight, I say.
Eight! he says.
Do you do a special deal on them? he asks me.
Yes, I say.
You do? he says.
I do, I say. You buy them and I won’t stab you with this pen.