It’s been one of those days!

THE EVIL DEAD directed by Sam Raimi (USA, 1991)

I’m not much of a horror fan as can be gauged from the fact that it’s taken over thirty years for me to see the original of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise.

I have to say that I found it more comical than scary but there’s no mistaking the fact that it’s an audacious piece of filmmaking.

The relatively small budget forced Raimi to be creative. For instance, the actors had to wear thick contact lens to get the white eye effect.

The five men and women who are terrorised in a run down, isolated shack in the woods make the Scooby Doo ‘Mystery Gang’ look like intellectual giants.

When one of the women hears strange noises outside she doesn’t alert the others but goes out in the dark alone shouting “Is anyone out there?”. It’s no great shock to learn that the trees are alive and she is ‘raped’ by the lascivious branches and soon morphs into a drooling monster with serious skin problems.

Thereafter,it’s a blood and gore splatterthon all the way as,one by one,the others turn into zombie like creatures leaving Ashley as the last man bleeding.

Joel Coen, who worked as one of the editors on the movie , borrowed some of the imagery for the Coen brothers’ debut Blood Simple which is more noir than straight horror but is another movie where the dead refuse to stay dead.

The continuing cult appeal of Raimi’s creation means the corpses will rise again for a fourth installment is due out in 2013.