If Harpo Marx had been a blogger this is how he might have looked.

This is getting addictive.

I finished writing my latest blog entry (number 1,164) last night at 11.00pm and immediately felt a wave of calm and relief.

Where once I was content to post when I was in the mood, now I no longer wait around for the muse to strike.

I started this blog on May 25th 2007 and since January 2011 I have managed to maintain my goal of posting every day. It’s become a habit I don’t want to give up.

I still don’t have much of an idea who is reading what I write. It’s nice to have followers and see the number of site hits slowly increasing but this is not my main motivation.

There’s just something psychologically reassuring about offloading things that are swirling around in my brain and I firmly believe that setting down thoughts is the best way of clarifying ideas.

I can cite the great Don DeLillo to support this view. He once said that the reason he writes is to find out what he knows. In my humble way, I’m doing the same.

I am following the advice you’ll find in practically all writing guides in that I’m setting aside time every day to scribble something, however trite and unfinished it might seem at the time.

Let’s face it, if you sit around waiting for inspiration, there’s no guarantee it will ever arrive.