Darwin as Santa

Darwin as Santa

Recently, I’ve noticed a strange trend with likers and followers of this blog.

A significant proportion of them are using their virtual space to promote their religious beliefs either to preach to the converted or to alert unbelievers to the errors of their ways.

If you are one of them, you know who you are.

I’m starting to wonder if they are reading something in between the lines of my posts.

Do they see me as a mortal sinner who needs to be saved?

Just to set the record straight I’d  like to state the following:

  • I am an atheist.

  • I do not believe in an afterlife.

  • I do not believe in Gods – interventionist or otherwise.

  • The evil in the world is man-made and can only be undone by man.

  • A person can be a spiritual being without being religious.

  • I don’t seek to impose my lack of belief on others and do not wish others to press their beliefs on me.

Any questions?