JENNY’S SINGING NOSE – Part two of four

THE STORY SO FAR : Jenny loathes cabbage and loves mud. She has keen sense of smell and has been called a nosey parker by her grumpy neighbour Mr Stoat. What was it with noses?   Read on …………

Jenny had to wash behind her ears and make sure there wasn’t a line around her neck. She even had to wash her hair. It was just too terrible for words. Jenny hated the smell of soap and shampoo almost as much as she hated the smell of cabbage. Her Mom said it was strawberry flavour. Jenny knew that the soap and shampoo were not made of real strawberries. Even if they were it wasn’t much use because you couldn’t eat them. “You’ll smell really nice afterwards” said her Mom. “I don’t want to smell nice.” said Jenny. She could feel her ears changing colour.

“If you smell nasty no-one will want to play with you” said her Mom.
“Then I’ll play on my own” said Jenny.

Jenny remembered what Mr. Stoat had said. “What’s a nosey parker Mommy?”
“A nosey parker is someone who always wants to know what other people are doing, even if the other people don’t want them to know”
This sounded very complicated but Jenny knew that it was not a nice name to call someone.
“Mr Stoat is horrible. Tell him to go and live somewhere else” she said.
“What’s wrong with poor Mr Stoat” said her Mom. “He’s just a lonely old man”.

Jenny decided that her nose was more trouble than it was worth. It wasn’t as if it was essential or anything. Even without a nose she would still be able to breathe perfectly well through her mouth. If she didn’t have a nose she wouldn’t have to smell the cabbage or soap or get called nasty names by Mr Stoat.

The next day, Jenny had just finished eating her cabbage and was feeling quite sick. Her Mom and Dad told her she was a good girl and that she’d grow up with lovely curly hair. That made her feel even worse. Then Dad said he had a treat to make her feel better. It was her favourite pudding of fresh peaches and vanilla ice cream. But as Jenny cut into the peach out flew a big round striped bumble bee and stung Jenny’s nose. Jenny screamed and the bee flew off before her Dad could catch it. Mommy washed Jenny’s nose with cold water but it immediately started to swell up.

Daddy telephoned Doctor Twine who said he would come over as soon as he’d finished playing golf. By the time he arrived Jenny’s nose was twice the size it was before the bee sting.

At first Jenny was worried because Doctor Twine looked shocked, then she remembered that he always looked like this. This was because he had enormous bushy eyebrows that Jenny thought looked like two hairy caterpillars. He always seemed out of breath as if he’d just been running for a bus. This time he also shook his head a lot.

After examining Jenny, he sighed and said, to no-one in particular, that he’d never seen a nose like it. He took another breath and told her Mom and Dad to wash the nose thoroughly and then to cover it with a large plaster. “If there’s no change in a week call me again” he declared and with that he picked up his golf clubs and left, puffing loudly.

Jenny cried when they put on the bandage. Her nose did not hurt but she was thinking what her friends would say when they saw her at school the next day. She wanted to stay at home but her Mom said she wasn’t sick so she had to go.
“Why didn’t the stupid insect sting my little toe instead. It just had to be my nose where everyone can see”.
It made her more sure than ever that noses were ridiculous inventions.