PART THREE OF FOUR – The story so far : Jenny’s nose is getting to be a nuisance. It means she smells nasty things like cooked cabbage and strawberry soap. She’s been called a nosey parker and to cap it all a bee has bitten her right on the nose. Surely things couldn’t get worse.

The next morning, when Jenny woke she could hear someone humming. She sat up in bed and listened hard to try to work out where the sound was coming from . It was very close by as though there was somebody in the room with her.

She got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash her teeth. In the bathroom mirror the plaster on her nose made her look like a circus clown. The humming had followed her into the bathroom. It was not a proper tune. It was as if someone was trying to remember how a song went. It now seemed very loud.

It was then that she realised that the sound was coming from her nose! Hmmmmm Hmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
This is just too silly for words, she thought. Whoever heard of a humming nose.

At breakfast the humming changed to LA- LA – LAs.
La – la – La – la – la…….. it went.
“You sound happy this morning” said Mom.
Jenny scowled. “It’s not me – it’s this stupid nose” she said. “Oh, I see” said Mommy, but she wasn’t really listening because she was busy getting ready for work. The pet dog, Samson, began to howl and Gob the goldfish hid behind a stone.

Then the nose started DEE-DEE-DEEing
Dee – dee – dee – dee – dee, it sang.

Then it was time to cycle to school. “Have a good day, sweetie” said her Mom.

When Jenny got to school she was relieved to find that the nose had stopped humming and la-la-la-ing and dee-dee-dee-ing.

When her best friend Becky saw Jenny she said:
“Crumbs, what happened to your nose.”
“A bee flew out of a peach and bit it” said Jenny.
She decided not to say anything about the humming.

Some silly boys in her class laughed at her when there saw her but Mark who was always nice to her said he was sorry she’d hurt her nose.

In biology their teacher, Miss Brightly, had decided to make insects the topic of the day. She asked everyone to draw their favourite insect. Jenny drew a ladybird and Becky drew a spider. She was glad no-one drew a bee.

In the music lesson Jenny was just starting to feel better when her nose started to sing.

I’m a little bee
La la la dee dee
But you can’t catch me
fiddle diddle dee

I’m buzzing here
I’m buzzing there
I’m busy buzzing

Everybody looked at Jenny who turned as red as a beetroot.
“That’s a funny song, Jenny. Where did you learn it?” asked Miss Cleff”.
“Erm….it wasn’t me singing, Miss”, replied Jenny.
“Don’t be shy now Jenny – can you sing it again?” said Miss Cleff.
Jenny said no, went even redder and asked if she could go to the toilet.
As she was walking to the door, the nose sang the song again – even louder than before. And because the nose’s voice was just like Jenny’s everyone thought it was her singing.
They all laughed.