PART FOUR : THE STORY SO FAR : Not only does Jenny’s nose force her to smell bad things like cabbage and soap, it’s now started singing after a bee bit it. How was she going to get through the school day?

At lunchtime in the school canteen the nose began singing again. Only this time it didn’t sound like Jenny at all. It was like one of Dad’s funny opera records where the singers are all very fat and have voices that can break windows. At first she couldn’t understand what the nose was singing, then she knew it must be Italian because that was the language of opera.

Sono un vesperino
La la la dee dee dee
Non puoi prendermi
feedle deedle dee

Fa un buzz qua
Fa un buzz qui
Mi fa buzzare

When the song reached the highest note several glasses in the school canteen broke into tiny pieces and Miss Stew the cook screamed.

Jenny had to see the Miss Cane the headmistress. “Why did you sing so high and break the glasses” she asked.
Jenny told her that a bee had stung her nose and that now she had a singing nose.
Miss Cane looked very angry. “Don’t try to be clever! I’ve got my eyes on you. If it happens again you’ll be in big trouble”

Jenny just wanted to go home and hide in her bed until her nose got better. But in the afternoon there was gym. Mr Stretch made them jump up and down and throw balls at each other. Then he told Jenny to walk along a thin piece of wood. As she was trying to balance, the nose sang again this time the singing was like the very loud music that rough boys like. In fact, this time you couldn’t even hear all of the words.

AAAAAAAAArm a leeeeetlebee
*****************CATCH meeeee

AAAAAAAAArm a buzzzzzzzzing here

Mr Stretch and all the boys and girls in her class put their hands over their ears and closed their eyes until it stopped. Miss Cane came running into the room. Her face and ears were very red.

Mom and Dad didn’t believe the story of the bee either.
“You can’t get out of going to school that easily” her Dad said.

Jenny had to go to bed without watching her favourite cartoon on television. The next day was a Saturday but she wasn’t allowed to play outside. She had to do loads of homework instead. She was very sad.

In her room she took off the bandage from her nose. When she did out flew a tiny bumble bee. It flew around the room three times singing the song in a happy voice

I’m a little bee
La la la dee dee
But you can’t catch me
fiddle diddle dee

I’m buzzing here
I’m buzzing there
I’m busy buzzing

Then it flew out the window.

Jenny’s nose was back to normal.

From that day on Jenny never dared say noses were useless.

She always played with clean nature and she never spied on Mr Stoat or ate peaches ever again.

But she still hated cabbage!