peteswansonVisceral, violent, nihilistic, organic, animalistic, industrial are just are few of the adjectives used to describe the music of Peter Swanson, formerly one half of  the mighty noise duo Yellow Swans. All these words should be taken as compliments.

He now works solo and a new EP entitled Punk Authority is out in March. He talks this and other stuff in a neat interview for Fact magazine

I briefly met Pete once after a show he did in Bologna – I really like his enthusiasm, energy and spontaneity, all qualities he brings to his music.

It’s a big regret of mine that when I visited Portland, Oregon (where he lives) a few years back I didn’t get chance to meet up with him again although we  did exchange a few e-mails and he recommended some places to visit during my stay . In this interview he seems to be enjoying life and getting a buzz out of bringing his sounds to live audiences so perhaps out paths will cross again at some point. Meanwhile, I’m really looking forward to hearing the new material.