Can this really be the end?

So, Utopia is no more, at least for the time being.

The DVD release (out on 11th March) labels the Channel 4 drama as Series 1 so there is almost certainly more to come.

Part of me thinks that there is nothing more to say but as I’m already suffering from withdrawal symptoms I would certainly be tuning in enthusiastically.

With many of the main characters dead, maimed or gravely ill the whole mind fuck trip will need to be reinvented anew. Call me an eternal optimist but I hope that, if there is a follow-up, it is done for reasons other than merely to cash in on its success.

The way these six episodes have gradually silenced the critics and won over a mainly young,open-minded audience illustrates the high quality of the drama in terms of style and substance. The early knee-jerk reaction was to voice outrage at the extreme violence which many felt bordered on the sadistic.

This response totally ignored the fact that the scenes never seemed to be intended for the spectacle alone. The dramatic purpose was to show how the shadowy organisation known as ‘the network’ would stop at nothing to fulfill their ambitions.

The script managed to be both scary and funny, a hard balancing act to maintain. It gives more than a glimmer of hope that the Utopia team will be able to repeat the trick – my fingers are firmly crossed.