dieyoungToday is my birthday and , having taken a very big breath and blown out all my candles, my wish is for a surge in blog views.

Since the beginning of 2013 the number of views to this blog has halved.

Rather than being a sign that the quality of posts has declined (perish the thought!), this seems to be the result of Google’s revamped image search engine.

The WordPress stats from previous years were clearly inflated as surfers stumbled on the text by accident but I can’t help but feel deflated by the slump.

The topics and tags are at odds rarely match the top search words or names so I’ll just have to live with this downward trend unless I go mainstream and begin speculating on subjects like why a semi-naked Kesha is writhing on a dirty mattress in the video to her hit single Die Young ……….

[Normal highbrow blog service will resume tomorrow!]