Last week on a newstand at my local train station in Cesena, Italy, I spotted a copy of a big fat paperback about ‘the lies behind 9/11’  by David Icke, entitled ‘Alice nel paese delle Meraviglie e il Disastro delle Torri Gemelle’ (Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Centre Disaster’).

If you are a Brit of a certain age, this author’s name will be forever associated with a notorious interview on the Terry Wogan show in 1991 where he claimed to be the ‘Son of the Godhead’.

Well, to be fair, he didn’t actually say this in so many words; he just didn’t deny that this was his calling when the question was posed.

Not surprisingly, the British public were not prepared for the second coming to be announced on prime time TV by an ex-sports presenter wearing a turquoise shell suit.

The fallout from this interview was immense and immediate. Icke, at that time a soccer correspondent for the BBC and Green Party spokesman, was subjected to a massive level of ridicule.

It wouldn’t have been surprising if, after this experience,  he had gone to ground for ever or fled the country. Instead, and against all the odds, he weathered the storm and has gradually reinvented himself as a  visionary figure whose self-appointed role is to awaken global citizens from a living nightmare of false illusions and mind manipulation.

This he has sought to do through a series of books (16 and counting) and by becoming a tireless public speaker with the capacity to talk for hours on end. He will explain, to anyone who is prepared to listen, how and why our lonely planet is crashing down around our ears.

Some of his views actually make a lot of sense. He speaks out about the blinkered thinking that is causing the destruction of the environment, he rages against banks lending money they don’t have and urges people to rise up against the state controls of big brother societies.

His books and talks are, we are constantly reminded, the result of painstaking research in more than 45 countries. He quotes words of wisdom from people like Wilhelm Reich, Bill Hicks, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and asserts, in New Age terms, that “infinite love is the only truth” .

Where his vision veers off into cloud cuckoo-land is when you get him on the topic of the “hidden hand” behind the wave of, what he sees as, global man-made disasters.

According to him, these arise because we are being ruled by aliens in the form of shape-shifting lizards who have taken possession of humans in positions of power. Those “demonic possessed reptilian rulers”, known as the Babylonian Brotherhood, have controlled UK leaders and US presidents like Bush (Sr + Jr), Clinton & Obama together with blood lines like the Rothchilds and Rockerfellers and even controlled the Queen Mother.

As if this wasn’t enough, Icke also believes the world we are living in a 3D hologram and that what we think of as reality is really a Matrix-like construct.

As an alternative to one his 9 hour talks, he explains his twisted logic in this short interview on breakfast TV:

Icke maintains that he can see these global conspiracies for what they are because he is now free of the mind control techniques that restrain other mortals.

He now commands a loyal following among conspiracy theorists everywhere because he is 100% sure that what he is saying is the truth.

People are instinctively drawn to such absolute certainty as you can see from the huge crowds he now attracts at stadium-sized venues.

Follow me, for I have seen the light, is the underlying message.

Like a cross between an evangelical preacher and personal growth guru, he says that everyone should follow their own path and not be swayed by the opinions of others. We all of us should “respect the full magnitude of who we are”.

The promise of a “new awakening” and liberation them from mental and emotional imprisonment  draws audiences in their thousands. These are seemingly happy to turn a blind eye to the fact that his theories are a confused mix of rehashed truisms and total bullshit.

  • Does he care if people laugh at him? – Not in the slightest.
  • Does he believe in what he is saying?  – With a vengeance.
  • Is he mad?  – As a hatter.