ipadscreenOn reflection, the title of this post is likely to attract the wrong demographic, but I always was a sucker for alliteration!

I should just issue a warning to screen-agers and other techno-savvy persons that what follows is not a cutting edge list of links or game recommendations but merely a note to self of ten dependable, easy to use and (mostly) free Apps I have come to know and trust.

1. Good Reader ($4.99) – This is my numero uno by a large margin. I read a lot of PDF files/books and prior to discovering this little beauty, I had to rely on a wi-fi connection and keep re-accessing the same document over and over. With this App you can save files in a form that allows you to manage, read and annotate offline. Transferring stuff is dead easy, either direct from websites or via file sharing sites like Dropbox.

2. Zite (Free) – Zite finds articles from various websites and organizes them into categories of your choosing. The more you use it, the more it gets to know what you like. I know there are alternatives that allow you to build your own personalised ‘magazine’ (e.g. Paper.li and Flipboard) but I currently prefer Zite as it does the virtual legwork for me.

3. Flickrstacker (Free) – photos look great on i-pads and it’s even nicer when they’re your own. This app makes it easy to upload and view sets on Flickr.

4. NPR Music (Free) – First Listen, Tiny Desk Concerts, All Things Considered – these and more are easily accessible; if you don’t know any of these programmes , then you need this App in your life.

5. Twitter (Free) – I warned you this wasn’t a list for hipsters!  Not an original choice, but as someone who came late to Tweeting, I still get a buzz out of following and posting on the move.

6. KIndle (Free) – I don’t have an Amazon reader ,and still prefer the tactile beauty of real books but, equally, I’m getting more and more used to on-screen reading and I reckon I’d be a fool to pass up all the free public domain titles I can grab.

7. Spotify (Free app but it currently costs $9.99 a month to have an ad-free version on a mobile device) Spotify was late coming to Italy but it was worth waiting for. A music addict’s dream come true.

8. WordPress (Free) – I don’t really do much mobile blogging, but I like this to check my stats and typos.

9. Google Maps (Free) – The least said about the Apple maps debacle the better! It was a relief to able to download the Google version that just works.

10. You Tube (Free) – Another no brainer of course, and irritating that the (superior) pre-loaded app was removed by Apple on their anti-google upgrade.