In the first video for ‘supergroup’ ,Atoms For Peace , Thom Yorke gets his dancing shoes on again.

“Ingenue” is taken from the band’s debut album, Amok, and Yorke performs with beautiful contemporary dancer Fukiko Takase.

This witty and stylish piece was directed and choreographed by the same team that gave us Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower” .

It was directed by Garth Jennings  and choreographed by Random Dance founder,  Wayne McGregor.

This is a great video of a cool tune but an even better take of the song can be found on a video of Yorke performing live on the Jonathan Ross show.

This isn’t usually a TV slot you’d expect to find such a gem, but take a look and listen and tell me if you agree with me that this stripped-down version tops the original: