David v Goliath acts of rebellion will always draw a big audience.

It’s no great surprise then, that the video of the articulate rant by Jeff Bliss against his high school history teacher should have gone viral.

Here’s what I’m talking about , in the unlikely event that you haven’t already seen it:

Spokesman of a generation? Jeff Bliss.

Once upon a time, such an outburst would  have prompted the moral majority to lament on how the youth of today have no respect for authority.

The reaction now is quite different and it proves that there’s a bigger issue at stake here which will remain long after the media circus has moved on to the next show in town.

Nicholas Ferroni , a self-proclaimed  “outspoken advocate for educators education and educators”, is not the first, nor will he be the last, to go on record to publicly support Bliss .

The superintendent at Duncanville, the Texan school at the heart of the drama, also wins kudos for blogging the following message on the school’s website:

"Today’s students want to be engaged in learning. They want classrooms to challenge their thinking and give them opportunities to create, innovate, and solve real problems. The traditional classroom where desks are in straight rows, teachers stand and lecture, and students quietly copy notes has to evolve. Our world has changed, and that means that schools across America must work to transform the traditional classroom into an innovative learning environment that is student-centered. We must be able to prepare students for a future that looks very different from the industrial age".

This response goes beyond a damage limitation exercise and  is symptomatic of a growing recognition that schools are  seriously out of synch with learner needs.

I may be wrong, but I doubt that Bliss watches the series of Ted Talks on education. Although he probably hasn’t seen the recent talks by Rita Pierson an Sir Ken Robinson, his attitude shows that he’s on the same wavelength as these ‘experts’ and it’s not beyond the realms of credibility that he’ll be asked to give a lecture on the same stage one day.

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