bowieThe best line from the David Bowie documentary produced and directed by Francis Whately is from guitarist Earl Slick who said of the Station To Station period :  “It was out there – out there worked”. 

Bowie described himself as “one man against the world” and the film shows him as a collector of images and styles leaving it to other people to interpret what it all means.

Unfortunately, the director hires two of the UK goon squad to throw in their tuppenceworth – John Harris sets himself up as some kind of self-appointed expert but says very little and a wasted looking Charles Shaar Murray merely talks bollocks.

Fortunately, the collection of rare footage presents a vivid snapshot of five years from the relative obscurity of Hunky Dory to the MTV commercialism of Let’s Dance.

Even when he looks completely fucked up during the Young Americans period, he still looks and sounds amazing.

There’s a case to be made that Bowie is the last of the true rock idols and this excellent film shows you why.