Released in 1966, the incendiary first single by The Yardbirds is the shape of things to come.

The power and glory of the tune anticipates the earth-shattering albums by Led Zeppelin, not surprising when you learn that it features Jimmy Page on telecaster guitar and, then-session man, John Paul Jones on bass.

The camera work for the performance on a 60s pop show is all over the place, so there are no direct shots of the two lead guitarists (the other one just happens to be Jeff Beck!).

The only heads we see are singer  Keith Relf and drummer Jim McCarty  (Page can be spotted in the background).

Astonishingly, many Yardbirds compilation albums , including the misnamed Ultimate Collection, don’t feature this amazing song although a great review by The Seth Man at Julian Cope’s Head Heritage helps ensure that it is not a forgotten classic